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About is the leading B2B Wholesale Ecommerce platform for INDIAN  Manufacturers/Producers/Importers trade their products, directly with Wholesalers,distributors other bulk buying busniesses located across the country.

  1. Providing One Stop digital platform for the manufacturers and bulk buyers to make sourcing efficient and ease.
  2. Connecting manufacturers/ wholesalers directly to end consuming businesses , eliminating unnecessary expenditure happening in the supply chain .
  3. Supporting Both Suppliers and Buyer to Scale Up their Businesses...

Benefits To Sellers
  1. Expand your business to even undiscovered regions.. 
  2. Drastic increase in sales as digital technology reach has no limits
  3. Secured trade support with intime payment guarantee
  4. Purchase Order of products happens as per your minimum order criteria and payment terms and conditions.. 

Benefits to Buyers
  1. Sourcing made simple
  2. Safe trade: Need not worry about the product shippment you receive.. the same product with same product parameters, you have ordered is delivered to you... 
  3. Scale up the categories list  to showcase in your outlet , easily source products from different regions accross india at the comfort of your office.. 
  4. We verify vendors before we onboard them, to assure you that you deal with the genuine supplier .

              " We believe in quality service and long term trust worth relationship with our customers "


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