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Magic UFO Ball |Decompression Toy for Kids

Magic Ball UFO Ball |Decompression Toy for Kids
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  • The Flying UFO Ball made of good ABS engineering plastics, and the UFO ball's Specifications: diameter 24cm; ball circumference 51cm..
  • How to Play: your hands forced to the middle of the ball,after the middle of the suction cup force into the shape like a UFO(flying discs), then thrown out. (Please Note:To play in the spacious outdoor, to avoid accidental injury to others.).
  • Warm Tips:Before you force the ball into a flying discs,use your finger to gently wipe the suction cup in middle of the ball, so it can keep the status of the flying discs a little longer, until you throw it out..
  • Flying-discs shape throw,becomes spherical in the air. Hand gossip a frisbee, smooth the gossip frisbee throw it..
  • Light induction: when exposed to external forces, colorful lights will shine, and you can play happily at night After easy pressing, it is no longer a simple round ball, it will become a flat UFO ball The soft rubber material is not easy to damage and can be switched freely between the two forms
  • Suitable for home, garden, beach and other places to play with family, friends, even your pet. Made of soft plastic and 100% of ECO-friendly materials.Durable and not easy to damage. Great gifts for kids, friends, and pets.
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