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Stainless Steel Smart Thermos Bottle with Temperature Display 500ml

JDS-SS smart thermos flask bottle 500ml
Special Price ₹170.00 /piece was ₹1,499.00 /piece
In stock
Minimum Order Quantity 50pcs | 1 carton
Price Rs 170/- per Piece.
Each carton/Box contains 3 color Bottles .Black Blue and Golden 
  • 1. PREMIUM QUALITY: 304 Stainless Steel Thermal Insulation Performance Hot 12hours Cold 24hours, Powder Coating, Polishing, Spray Surface Finishing Painting, Gas Dye Printing, With LED Display.
  • 2. EASY TO CARRY - Compact and super light weight to easily carry inside your bag || Super clean interior finish prevents against odors and stains.
  • 3. Intelligent Thermal Insulation Cup with LED DISPLAY: Waterproof LED display that can be completely submerged in water. Just touch the LED screen and the temperature of the liquid will show on the LED screen.
  • 4. The smart chip senses the temperature and automatically turns off the screen display when not in use.
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